About Paul Nordman

I never set out to become a writer; it happened gradually and completely unplanned, at least from my perspective. The change began when I decided to keep a daily Bible journal in January, 2010. A property-casualty insurance company executive at the time, my life was stable, smooth, and successful. It was also predictable, or so I thought. Looking back now, I realize God knew better, and I was about to learn.

Journaling, itself, was a change agent. Just a week or two into this new morning routine, I was astounded by the insights I was learning from God’s word, and I marveled at my own excitement, as though beholding it externally. I began to “get” David, the trusting Psalmist who lived as an open book before God. I began to “get” John, the caring apostle who embraced Jesus’ love for him. Most of all, I came to look forward to discovering what God would teach me each day over coffee and bagel, notepad and pen.

The other medium of change was not so fun, but necessary I suppose. Several weeks after commencing my “journal journey,” my work-life began to trend in the wrong direction. I was eventually removed from my position, and, even though I stepped into a new leadership role in the company—with new challenges, a great team, and an opportunity to learn and create new things—it was still a very difficult season of life. Yet even during this time of pain, the joy of the Lord was still mine, almost tangibly it seemed. Moreover, I had encountered my greatest fear—rejection—and survived. It was gone, and my life had forever changed.

Like the vast majority of my readers, I am a “parishioner in the pew.” Though I have never been a seminarian, God has taught me much through His word, great pastors, and everyday life experience. My passion is to understand Biblical truths and present them in a relatable way. As God teaches me through His word, I enjoy sharing insights and experiences—through blog, book, or face-to-face—with whoever shares the hunger to grow. This is why I wrote Christ in Me, and I hope you experience in its pages the assurance and celebration of the peace, joy, and freedom that comes from the presence of Christ in you through faith.

Though retired now from a 35-year career, I remain active as a Salvation Army Columbus Area Services advisory board member and a Kairos Prison Ministry International volunteer. My wife, Peggy, and I enjoy hosting international students for a few days in our home when they come to the United States to study, and we remain friends with them after they “go off to school” at Ohio State University, just a few miles down the road. We cherish the time we spend with our son and daughter-in-law, and being a grandpa has given me a new perspective on—and a deeper appreciation for—life, for the miracle of life is always seen most clearly in the little ones among us.

I hope the reflections posted on this site help you in some way. We are learning together. What a journey!