Staring Down the First-time Jitters

Oh, those “first-time jitters”! We’ve all faced them, haven’t we? Do you remember trying to convince your childhood self to dive head-first into the water, or pleading with your teenage self to ask someone to dance? Did you lose any sleep over your first “real” job interview or your public speaking debut? Life is full of daunting “first’s.” What were some of yours?

Though we know him as one of the Bible’s larger-than-life figures, even Moses experienced anticipation angst. What was it that intimidated this legendary leader? Leadership! “Who am I, that I should go?” replied Moses to God in wavering self-doubt. When God promised to go with Moses, the man doubled down, asking, in essence, Who are you? Moses didn’t stop there, either, demurring three more times before heeding God’s call to lead.

Then how did this reluctant octogenarian mature from “Who, me?” to “Let’s go!” and become the “Moses!” we know today? In a word, “trust.” God called Moses to do some pretty bold things, so He calmed his doubts with some pretty bold signs, just enough to give Moses enough confidence to engage the leaders of Israel and confront the Pharaoh of Egypt. As Moses took these first steps in faith, God did as He promised, engendering even more faith. And so it went—Moses’ obedience following God’s promises, and God’s faithfulness solidifying Moses’ trust.

Though none of us are commanded to call down plagues or bid the sea to part before us, God does lead us to our share of “first’s.” In a sense, each day brings us new sets of circumstances and challenges, the outcome of which we do not know. We are tempted then to avoid them or to confront them our way, but God calls us to know His ways and to trust in them. Like Moses, we’ve seen enough of God’s presence in our yesterdays that we can trust Him to guide us through all of our todays. For His faithfulness is ever-new and never-changing.

Lord God, you wield all power in great love. I choose to lay aside my fears today and place my trust in you. Lead on. Amen.

[Click here to read today’s Scripture, Exodus 3:14-18.]

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Every Wednesday, look forward to your blogs. A few weeks ago, you shared thoughts on Proverbs 16. As a mentor, I can share your analysis on those 33 verses with individuals. Thanks…see you at McConnell!


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