Announcing My New Book

To my readers:

I am very excited to announce to you the November 16, 2020, release date of my new book, Working in Us What Is Pleasing to Him.

The title is based on Hebrews 13:20-21, and as it suggests, this book is about ways in which the Holy Spirit changes us over time to be more and more like Jesus. God meets us where we are, but He doesn’t leave us that way—He continuously molds us into something glorious, something “pleasing to Him.”

Through 48 short, relatable teaching-reflections, we will visit 12 Biblical figures — people just like us — and see God at work in each one of them. We will find our life reflected in their stories, for our predecessors’ past illumines our path. Like Christ in Me, my new book is a great resource for personal quiet time, yet its structure is also very well suited for small group discussion.

Beginning November 16, Working in Us What Is Pleasing to Him will be available from Amazon and from my website as well. If you prefer, you will be able to purchase it as an eBook from Amazon or as an Apple iBook. (Electronic versions will probably be available before November 16.)

Thank you not only for being my readers, but for encouraging me along the way as well. Enjoy!

2 replies on “Announcing My New Book”

Hi Paul

That’s great news! Looking forward to buying my copy and reading it soon. Do you have a preferred method of purchase, one which is better for you in terms of revenue or recognition?



Many thanks, Eric! I appreciate your encouragement and support. Regarding the best place to order, there are trade-offs for me. If you anticipate posting a strong Amazon review afterwards, then I think ordering from Amazon would be my preference. Otherwise, my website. Thanks again, Eric!


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