Announcing My New Book!

My new book, Working in Us What Is Pleasing to Him, is released today! See below how you can purchase copies for yourself, family and friends.

Here is my heart in writing this book. Virtually every time I sat down to write, I thought about how we as believers try so hard to change ourselves in our own strength, grit and determination, as though we can become more Christlike through mere behavior modification. We come up empty-handed every time, because it is God who transforms us from the inside out. Our role is to cooperate with Him and to follow the Spirit’s lead in our daily life. This book comes alongside believers in a relatable way to show how God “works in us what is pleasing to Him.” Read the back cover for more!

Like my first book, Christ in Me, this new release is well suited for personal reflection, and its structure makes it an ideal resource for small group discussion.

If this theme resonates with you personally, if you know family and friends who are trying to change in themselves what only God can change, or if your small group is looking for a helpful growth resource, please help spread the word that God is Working in Us What is Pleasing to Him. You may obtain a paperback copy through Amazon, directly from my publisher Xulon Press, or through my website. The $14.99 price is the same through each. The Kindle version is available through Amazon for $7.99; the Apple iBook version is available through Apple’s app store for the same price.


4 replies on “Announcing My New Book!”

Thanks, Paul, for the info (and for writing the book in the first place!). I can hardly wait to get my copy…and perhaps a few for my friends! 🙂


Congratulations on this big day! Thank you for sharing your heart. And, your gift of writing!

May the blessings continue, Jane

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