Hearing God—Series Wrap-up

Our church’s Young Professionals group had asked if someone could speak with them on the topic of hearing God and discerning His voice, and one of our pastors suggested me. We had a wonderful time of teaching and sharing, and of questions and answers. That evening sent me down this blog path on the crucial topic of hearing God: we began this series on July 21 and conclude today—16 posts and 80-something Bible verses later. We have covered a lot of ground, and so I offer this topical summary and links to the respective posts. Perhaps they will be a helpful reference for you in the future and/or thought-provoking discussion material for your small group . . . 

Hearing God and knowing His voice begins at relationship—Draw Near and Hear
God speaks to us for one ultimate purpose: to glorify Him—Our Purpose and God’s Voice
God speaks to us through the Word—The Bible is Changing Me
God speaks to us through prayer—As One Speaks to a Friend
God speaks to us through events around us—Of People, Circumstances and Timing
God speaks to us as we meditate on Scripture—Sitting Quietly with God
We perceive God’s voice as He wills—This Is the Way; Walk in It
God’s voice comes to us and sends us in His direction— The Still, Small Voice
God speaks to us in His timing; we wait for Him—The P Word
We sometimes hear God long after He has spoken— Hearing God in Retrospect
God speaks His will to whomever He chooses—Should We Be Surprised?
We recognize God’s voice by His character—The Frequency of Life
God speaks advocacy in the face of accusation—The Accuser and the Advocate
As we seek God’s voice, He seeks our obedience—The Other Side of Hearing God
God calls us to share His words with others—A Time To Speak

There is no formula in speaking with and hearing from God. There is no if/then coding logic. Moreover, we cannot manipulate Him, control Him, or even accurately predict Him. Rather, we trust Him, knowing He will speak truth in love from His character of holiness. In a sense, it all comes down to this: God loves us as a Father loves His children. He has much to say, and He wants us to hear Him. Walk with Him, talk with Him; sit with Him and listen. It’s called, “relationship.” We are His desire, and He is ours.

Glory be to God.

Father, You chose us through the work of Your Spirit for obedience to Jesus Christ.1 Grace us to relate with You throughout the day as people who are loved so exceedingly well. May we hear Your voice and know it above all others, and in the wonder and freedom of Your love, find us joyful to hear and eager to obey. We love you as Your people in Christ in whose name we pray. Amen.

1 1 Peter 1:1-2

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